Machinery & Equipment

Franco Ferri has been actively involved in sourcing and supplying equipment and machinery for five decades. We have been involved in the Ghazi-Barotha hydroelectric project on behalf of Italian consortium in 1996-1998. We help source the line pipes, valves and pumps for the 600 KM oil pipeline of PARCO.

Over the years we have earned a reputation for credibility, consistency and timely service to our clients overseas and customers in Pakistan as well as our principals globally. To our principals, we are committed in providing comprehensive and timely information about all upcoming projects and supporting them in services, execution of supplies up to commissioning. For clients, we are dedicated to develop the solution to the highest standard at competitive prices.

We have recently diversified into sourcing of power generation machinery from the alternative market of surplus and used machinery, through networking with few sizable and well established companies in USA and EU. This helps us service the need for immediate and quick availability at highly economical prices with assurance of quality and reliability.

We deal in

Our Machinery and Equipment division help source and indent:

  • Plant and Machinery for Oil and Gas sector
  • Chemical Process Equipments
  • Piping and Pipe Fittings, e.g. Valves, Flanges, Well-Head etc.
  • Instrumentation
  • Gas Distribution and Metering Equipments
  • Power Generation Equipments
  • Electrical Peripherals
  • Railways Equipments, e.g. Axles, Wheels etc.
  • Miscellaneous Industries Equipments